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The Legends of Searching Tell of the First Susyan and First Itmos

The legends of the the First Family are told and retold, that we may know from whence we came, and keep close the wisdom of those who lived, Passed and lived once more.

We know that the tall, pale Fifteenth Son of the Seventh Son of the First Family, disbelieving all that was True and Ordered, left his Father for the cold hoarfrost. His invention, pride and disobedience combined, gave rise to sorrow for Families and tall, pale descendants on the far rock plains.

After this time there was much of travel and much of talking, for many new things had come into being in the World. Sons and Daughters of First Sons searched for the Fifteenth Son, for in their hearts they knew that Family should not be sundered, nor could they believe that the Fifteenth Son shunned his Father so. In their travels, they learned much and their Families grew. It was as Itmos that they returned once scorned by the fractured, quarrelsome Family of the pale Fifteenth Son, those who now called themselves Susyan.

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