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The Priest's Hidden World Fragment

My daughter, it has come time to show you a secret of our Sect. This is why we walk far from the tents - misguided followers of the Second Path would slay to gain this secret, and this is no wake for conflict between Sects. The Avatar of the World Crafter approaches high Seusen and ten thousand Devoted Followers run to keep pace with our God. We will all ascend the Three Thousand Steps of honored bone to worship wakes from now, but there must be no violence in this most sacred time.

We will not be seen here. This is the secret, kept for generations in a fine Enierd-crafted box of Estin's Wood, handed down from priest to priest - a World Fragment from the generations of legend. Touch it - close your eyes to the far Lightward Sky and see with your fingertips, as the World Crafter intended. The World was crafted just as bone or wood, and the Fragments were many ... but the rock of the World is not bone, nor is it wood. A Fragment placed on rock will remember its place and come to join with the World. This is but least part of the hidden knowledge recalled by our Sect in honor of the World Crafter.

Long ago, my daughter, the first worshippers followed the Avatar of the World Crafter through the Gap and across Godward Wohken rock to the Realm, and this secret was one of the Fragments they found and held. Held and held, through the Three Great Heresies, through the lesser heresies of the Second Path and through uncounted generations. My daughter, I will be old and forgetful in cycles to come, and you will be a priest of our Sect. When that wake comes, you will keep this secret amongst the many others we hold.

It will be a great gathering in the wakes ahead, and there are too few Servants of the Provider - as there always have been. There will be hunger and thirst in Seusen and much anger at those priests of the Circle of Worship who pretend to authority. When we climb the Three Thousand Steps, when we ascend to the High Ledges above Seusen to be closer to the Avatar, you must help to keep our devoted safe amidst the other Sects.

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The Words of Beis Musam, Priest of the Circle of Worship

There shall be no more talk of Heresy and Unbelief here this wake! You stand in Seusen, bound by the wise law of the Circle of Worship, bound since your feet left the last of the Three Thousand Steps. This is not the open rock of the Realm, where any priest and petty Sect may claim righteousness. Here, we have followed the teachings of the Circle with loyalty and respect since the generation of the Third Heresy.

No, now! Put down your ax! Shall I call on my fellow priests for a judgement? Before the World Crafter, we are all equal and joined by our faith - put your disagreements aside! Treat one another as Brothers and your kindness will be rewarded when the wake of your Passing arrives. Treat your fellows poorly, and your spirit will be judged by the World Crafter - just as were the the Followers of the First Path so long ago, trodden into the rock of the World and Passed to the darkness of the Underworld!

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How the God-King Came to the Realm of the World Crafter

This I speak as truth, for it is inked on ancient leather beneath the dome of the Hall of the Circle in Seusen. This I speak: that the God-King came before the first Circle of Worship weighed by respect for the World Crafter. No such respect had He for the false priests of Light and Sky. He who was to rule the Tribes came to the priests of the World Crafter, came with gifts of divine material, wood, and pledges of Father and Lord - yet the hearts of the Circle were troubled and filled with great doubt.

So it was that from the first Circle of Worship, the God-King went forth across the open rock, forth to the Avatar. So it was that He spoke to our God on the rock of the Realm, for the World Crafter halted in Its journey and bowed to listen to the words of the God-King. All of the Realm were awed, and priests of every Sect came to kneel before the God-King and hear His divine wisdom.

Thence the God-King departed as He came, but weighed by the loyalty of the Realm.

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To Tahadu's Dwelling

Oheh! We gather to be pilgrims once more. We have followed the priest Meten Teni in the journey of the Long Ridge to Seusen. We have climbed the Three Thousand Steps of Bone and spoken the prayers of the Circle of Worship at each Step of Honored Skulls. We have come far, yet still we are filled with the faith of the World Crafter!

Oheh! We journey to pay the respects of our Sect to the spirit of Tahadu the Sectless, Tahadu who worshipped the World Crafter alone. Towards the edge of the World and high mountains we will go, and so we gather to trade for lined and layered leather. Here we await a Servant of the Provider who will walk our path, and strong warriors to guard us from the heresies of Devoted Followers.

Oheh! High we will travel, high into the dark, cold mountains that look upon the World Beyond, where frost touches rock and the high air howls. There we will bow to priests of the Hierarchy of Mysteries and look upon the spirits of the Sky untouched by the Light of the false God. We will find Tahadu's Cavern and within will stand the wood of her dwelling, empty these long generations since the time of the God-King.

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On the Judgements of the World Crafter

Neither priest nor any other may Judge, and to claim otherwise is to travel the Pathway of Heresy! Only Gods, possessed of Divine Will and knowledge, can truly Judge those who dwell in the World. Only the World Crafter has shown Himself willing to issue Judgement - only the World Crafter honors those who dwell upon the work of his Divine Will. Gods of Sky and Underworld, Gods who refuse to Judge, are weak or false, unworthy of worship!

I have been Judged priest of our Sect by the Divine Will of the World Crafter; I have stood before our God a generation past and bared my heart, bared my very spirit! Those who stood with me were Judged and found false, their spirits snuffed as unwanted flames by His passing. In the name of the World Crafter, hear my words, for they are Judged true and wise!

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