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Te Meri Retells the Dying God's Dream

Nuri dreamed the Great Dream; her spirit passed into the World Beyond, traversing the Unwalked Way for the first time. She told of her visions on her return from the realm of Gods and great spirits, and thus it came to pass that five tens of her Hundred set forth into the World to seek out the bones of the Dying God.

It was Feisa, daughter of Huseva, who was daughter of Tomorik of the Hundred, who discovered the far Bones we are charged to protect. Yet in her time, short generations after the time of Nuri, the Dying God had Passed. Passed, yes, but still breathing warmth into the World.

We recall Feisa in the name of our community, in the duties of Families and Worshippers beneath the spreading Bones of the Dead God. You may fight with other Families, argue with your Family, even disrespect your Family Head, but the Bones are a trust to our Tribe; no-one may argue with that.

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The Gossip of Dem Breesa

It happened that the Jonor were leaving after only a handful of wakes as our Worshippers - but anyone who knew old Ede Jonor would recall her restless feet. Timar, Gesin, and Masari all inherited something of that from their mother, although Gesin Jonor wasted her gift in partnering with that Meten boy.

Where was I? Yes, but who should come striding into Feisa, just as the Jonor Family were preparing to depart, but the Wesa! Yes, I see your expressions, and I assure you that they were just as bad when Tani Wesa was still in the World. She had a way of looking at you to make your blood stand still, and her poor children! Ah! But you don't want to hear me tell of the Wesa Family partnerships; another time, another time.

I digress. The Wesa strode into Feisa and immediately demanded to be appointed as Worshippers of the community! Bold as priests they were, bursting with pride in their lineage and ten times as insufferable. Ah! But I could tell you a thing or two about certain partnerships with the Besi and the Tren...

Patience! What could Ede Jonor say? She shrugged - just like this, as she always did - and agreed. Oh, but why would she want to suffer the company of the Wesa Family through any argument? Would you? So away Tani Wesa went, back to her inked, layered, hair-lined tent to sleep. But what happened next? The Jonor quickly chose the Umai as the new Worshippers of Feisa and up and left, all while the Wesa Family slept! Tani Wesa awoke to find the Hall of Worshippers occupied by Mam Umai's Family and the Jonor gone. Believe me when I tell you that none of my Family had ever heard a rage like it!

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Measured and Found Wanting

Thirty fingerbones of Uk wood for our fine tools? And that is all? Did you fall on your head this wake? Do you sleep still? The Susyan were to have bodies of Uk wood from their cycle as supplicants! Full bodies, not skulls nor fingerbones! I saw with my own eyes four of their Oathbound carrying thick Uk limbs, bark and leaf, a full span in length and three hands broad! Am I to suppose that you enjoy humiliating me like this in front of our Family? Do I journey to Tumnil to be insulted like this by my very own partner?

Any of the Dispossessed would have given ten wakes of service for a single awl or firebow, but no, you will not trade with outcasts! Now I must hear that Ten Misen took their service and has traded it to Crafter priests for Polpar needles, inkberries and Estin's blossom. The Misen Family boasts amidst the Supplicants' Shelters, and I cannot even talk of my partner and his thirty fingerbones of Uk wood! Who is the fool in this inkwork? Who?

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Rual Tei Speaks Of the Flattened Mountain

Hear me as I tell of our ancestors, for soon we set forth for the Realm and the Flattened Mountain.

Long and many generations ago it was when our Family was first named. Though they traveled all of the Realm, the children of Tei, daughter of Mese, who was daughter of Gretai of the Hundred, could find no fit place to dwell. Exhausted, the Family set their tents in the shadow of the great lone peak at the very Lightward extent of the Realm, far from the Great Bones that are the sacred trust of all Families of our Tribe.

The elder priest Esen Tei stood and beseeched the World Crafter to show them their home. Long he spoke in the name of the Dead God, and the World Crafter heard. The God Who Crafts stretched forth His Divine Will and flattened the great mountain as though it were a wood chip beneath the mallet.

Atop the Flattened Mountain then, our ancestors set their tents, as will we in the wakes ahead. This is why our Family travels from the Great Bones to to the dark, Godward Realm - for we must honor the World Crafter and our ancestors in the times of Still Sky.

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Talking of Susyan
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The Adin Family Posts

Neh! They laze and argue amidst their walking wheels and ill-kept tents, and not the time to teach their children! Listen to this boy, Rei, he does not know of Adin and the Susyan, have you heard of such a thing? Well sit, boy, sit! Drink of our fresh water, for Servants of the Provider stood with us but last wake - I doubt your Family had the thought to do other than take from the community supplies.

Look now, see, there beside the Hall of Worshippers, the second of Adin's Posts. Walk and look at them all in your wakes in Feisa - that is the art of the Susyan, Formal Representative, stiff as a proud warrior and twice as complex. Tun abstracts and poetry too, if you can read Midrin expressive. Take themselves seriously, do the Susyan, with their Lords and Councils - no less so when they set themselves to crafting.

Well, and how, neh? Time was that the daughters of Adin, daughter of Dohan, set forth from their duty as Worshippers of the Great Bones of the Dead God at Teis, set forth to make a great wager with the Susyan of Nekopis. At stake were the Posts, the pride of the Lord of Nekopis and support for the great roof of his Hall. Won the Posts did the Adin Family and carried them far and wide - for the pride of Susyan is worthy of such great mockery. But the Family tired of their weight soon enough, and so the Posts stand here in Feisa beneath the greatest of the Great Bones. All this many generations ago, boy. The Adin Family Posts are cracked and dry, like shrines to the God-King hidden on open rock in far Wohken territory.

Nine in all there are, though once there were ten - as would be proper. The tenth Post stands once more amidst the Halls of Nekopis, and there is a tale to be told of the last of the Adin Family and her wager with Divine Susyan from the Katar.

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