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Ter of the Sectless on Lisat

The Treatise of Lisat argues that "Within the Realm of the World and Sky, it is manifestly observed that there is Spirit and there is Material. What else must we argue Material to be but the Spirit, the Divine Will, taken solid form? Once this fundamental equivalence is accepted, as accepted it must be, much that was mysterious will become clear to the thinker."

Well chosen as her words are, the obsessive arguments within the works of Lisat towards the equivalence of God and Material must be ignored if the truth within is to be seen. Previous generations have known her as a heretic, and justly so. Still, many of her words illustrate the Divine about us - too much is taken for granted in the communities of the World. Susyan and Wohken become inured to the teachings of priests, as though pretending to be Enierd!

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The Most Copied Fragment of Se Zan's Beginnings

His Will created the World from dark Void, but He looked upon His work and saw it empty. Thus, He placed the first people into the World and the first spirits into the Sky.

He saw the World was yet dark for people and spirits. Thus, He sent His Avatar to the World to sustain the people. Thus, His Divine Will covered the Sky to sustain the spirits.

Thereafter the Light of the One God illuminated all. Spirits honored Him, shining forth in aid of His Light. People honored Him, becoming His trusted servants, dwelling within His Avatar.

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Esula of the Conclave Confers With Her Followers

That is where you are wrong, Odi. To cry heresy would bring disaster, even though the words of Innis Mei are strong and contrary. She is respected in the Sect of Crafters and has won many friends amongst the honored Sectless; even the Touched look favorably on her work.

No. I shall speak with others of the Conclave, and we shall approach her privately. Perhaps she has simply slipped from the true pathway of the Cult.

Yet again, perhaps we simply need to wait; I hear the rumors of Innis Mei and Asan, a partnership in all but name. Recall the stories of Vulos of the Stronmar Sect - she spoke greatly and often in the Conclave of her generation, and her words were heeded for tens of cycles. Then the One God showed His displeasure with His servant; her child was stillborn and her voice was heard no more in the Hall of the Conclave.

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Butime Outlines the Law of the Cult and the Law of the Priesthood

Let it be clearly set forth, here in ink and word, the Law of the Cult as passed down from the One God and our great Conclave. Those outside our priesthood, those who dwell within the Great Temple and Pathway Communities and pilgrims who come to give rightful worship, are commanded to respect the Law and prosper beneath the Light of the One God.

This shall be the Law of the Cult: Within your domain, you shall enforce the lesser laws of the Tribes as well as the Law of the One God. None shall lightly speak of the One God in His domain. Respect shall be given to His servants. None shall transgress against others, by word, by violence, or by faith. The word of the One God shall be passed to all who enter your domain. For those who break the Law of the One God, let their punishment be seen and heard by all.

Let it be clearly set forth, here in ink and word, the Law of the Priesthood as brought down from the highest vaults of the Great Temple by Braikin himself in the cycles of the First Conclave. We submit ourselves to the Law and thereby prove ourselves worthy to the One God, earning our places in the Sky.

This shall be the Law of the Priesthood: In the sight of the One God, all of His Servants are as one Family. Honor the Priest who stands beside you and that respect will be returned. The Priest offers Faith to the One God only. To worship False Gods is to betray the Spirit in Heresy. The Priest respects the Hierarchy of the Cult and obeys the Commands of the Conclave. The Priest works in the service of the One God, showing to all the Pathway of the Light of True Faith. To betray the One God, in Word, Faith or Deed, is to commit Heresy.

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Galal's Pilgrimage

I, Asuto of the Recorders, transcribe this ancient scroll from the Archivists' Rooms on the leather of the Sectless, Passed to serve the One God. I, Asuto of the Recorders, bring this restored knowledge through the Vault of Winds to the Tower of Lesser Records where it will survive my time in the World. May you read the truth of Galal's Pilgrimage and be touched by faith as I have been.

In the cycles of Claiming, when the cast out Dispossessed rose up to take the rock above the Great Scarp from the Frost Gatherers, Galal of the Susyan came from the Great Temple to the Sect of the Broken Oath. Her faith in the One God taken by doubt, she prepared for the quiet of contemplation in the Halls of the Lost. So it was and so it might have been, but for Galal's great and burning spirit - worthy of the Divine said to be her ancestors.

Deep in the highest Enierd territory, hidden from all by the most solitary Clans, lies the Divine Inscription. Braikin himself said before the First Conclave that "the words of the One God, the highest Divine purpose, are inscribed upon the mountains of the Enierd." The Crafters' Seat in the Hall of Conclave bears an ancient engraving of of the Divine Inscription; the smooth face of a mountainside, a Pathway set on its side. The strange characters on the Enierd mountain, some similar to Midrin or Murikarn, are half a span in height and inscribed to a greater depth than the arm can reach.

So it was that Galal came to the Divine Inscription as it is presented in the Ten Scrolls of Faith Regained. The One God spoke to her in those wakes, and Galal came to understand that she would conduct a pilgrimage to the Divine Inscription - a pilgrimage through the territory of the faithless Enierd in a time of unrest. Her faith awaited her as the first priest of the One God to worship before the Divine Inscription in ten generations.

Galal's great spirit spoke for her, and the Halls of the Lost echoed with the noise of preparation. It came to pass that the worthy priests of the Conclave looked favorably upon her pilgrimage - many priests and initiates from the Sect of the Broken Oath would follow Galal from the Pathway communities to rediscover the Divine Inscription.

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The First Spirit of the Sky Map

So now a priest, Seun? I had predicted your diligence and care would be noticed. The Stronmars will work you hard now that you wear the hinged robe - and you will come amongst the Sectless less often. You will be missed, but such is the Will of the One God; we each serve as we are able.

Still weak from the ink, neh? I had not wanted to speak of it, but the flame-light shows it well. The first and smallest needle point of the great Map, the spirit of Mer, loyal to Braikin, is the hardest. Your body will grow used to inkberry poison - soon you will add a spirit in each cycle and your skin will honor the One God just as do your elders.

Are you to leave us for the far, dim Godward rock to watch the Sky, or are you be taken into the upper Temple? Ah, you must have indeed caught the eye of greater priests. I bow to you, for you have passed me in the estimation of the Conclave and The Five. Few ascend to the cold High Chambers to observe the spirits of the Sky and the Light through the High Gateways - it is a hard journey, climbing so far above the rock of the World.

We will worship in your stead while you travel within the Avatar; you must come to our Hall once more when you return. We will be glad to hear your tales and share in ritual once more.

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A Requested Service in Honor of the One God

Seis assures me that you are known to him and can be trusted. I am grateful that you honor me with your presence, and confident in my companion's choice. I will name myself: I am Camnel Meten Resi of the Seventh Rank of Crafters, come to Lasuten from the Great Temple but recently. Please listen to my words, for I find myself in need of service I cannot ask of the honored Wanderers and Crafters of this community.

In cycles past, it fell to a honored friend of the Third Rank to maintain the shrine in Cir, far from the large Godward communities of your Tribe and close to the Valley of the Eye. He has vanished, and Master Esua of the Cru has passed tales to our acolytes from travelers who claim the shrine is collapsed and deserted.

Stranger tales are told, of Keepers of the Eye on the open rock of your Tribe once more, but I pay them no heed and nor should you. Such tales are told and retold until they have no meaning. A generation ago, I gave my word to Father Bai Iri regarding my honored friend, and this word I will keep - as Susyan, you should understand such matters of the heart, neh? We are not so different, I think. I ask this of you: in the name of the One God, journey to Cir and find the priest Bai Cutan.

The Will of the One God be with you; ten skulls of Uk wood await your successful return.

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Meten Resi's Message to Meten Jui of the Temple Keepers

May this char-marked scroll find you safely in Kesuit, and may it be rubbed clean after the reading. The one who bears this scroll, Seis of the First Rank, is faithful, but knows nothing of our plans, nor how to read this ancient Murikarn script. May the One God grant that he is not cast aside by the Recorders and Stronmars of the Conclave - as I will be if this tale comes to a poor end.

You have my word that I will commend you to my Amral in the matter of your rank within the Family, and again my most heartfelt gratitude for your part in my defence. Seis brings trusted companions from amongst these Godward Susyan - a change to our plans, but one that will be for the better. They are to journey to Dasen's Shrine at Cir, and you will follow. Heretic Susyan yet hide in plain sight in this far, dark territory, that much I have confirmed as I traveled the Great Pathway and the marked routes to Lasuten. The heretics worship the Eye and the Keepers, turning from the One God and all that is right and true. In this you were knowledgable, and by this we will demonstrate our faith beyond any gainsay.

I will yet see those who seek to burn my scrolls cast from their Sects! Their theology is as weak as their position in the Temple is strong - would that the most honored Crafters had Five to oppose the Stronmars, or scrolls to oppose the Recorders. Alas, they are content to let the One God, creator of all, be diminished by heresy in word, ink and deed. This while lesser Crafters are at the beck and call of our enemies!

May the One God guide the nets and bolas of your companions to worthy targets!

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