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Heukil's Orders to the Lesser Initiates

To you also, friend Teher. The Rituals of Suten must be performed over the new saplings of two cycles growth beyond the Lights, and it would please the Administrator to begin before your wake ends. See to it, friend, and see also that the acolytes are tending to the young Estin's Trees as proscribed. The Rituals are difficult for those inexperienced in the service of the Provider, and the acolytes will be in need of a strong guide. I place my trust in you on this matter, and may the Fifth Sign see you to your sleep in good time.

Friend Heuj ... you have been lazing, have you not? Is that any fit way to demonstrate your devotion to the Provider and the Trust of our Order? Supplicants are walking Husa's Path bare once more, just as Administrator Meten Duyan predicted. The Chant of Ten Seedheads should already have been performed, the acolytes set to guide supplicants to fresh tasks. Why is this not done? If you are tired, I am sure there are others who will be glad to step forward and earn a step towards their next Circle.

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On the Cult of the One God
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Seruit's Lament on the Conclave of the One God

It came to pass that the Cult of the One God grew large. Their Shrines sprouted from the rock as Jolo Root from flattened grass. Their pride bolstered, the Conclave came to decide upon the Provider. Those jealous priests called our great and generous God but a Spirit, but a part of the One God! We can expect no better from those who listen to the words of others before the voice of their own inner spirit.

The honored Council of Tumnil spoke with great wroth until those false priests recanted. Recanted, yes, but their words still lie fading upon cracked leather, read and spoken by their descendants, taught to children across the length and breadth of the World.

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On the Enierd
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The Branched Spear in the Hall of Past Heroes

You have spent cycles amongst the Clans now, friend, a fine commencement to your time in the Second Circle of Initiation. The Three Pointed Ceremony in Thanks of Insight is greatly familiar to you now, neh?

The Enierd are subtle for all their bluster and strength of spirit. They have a commons of purpose for all they lack Family, and surprising insight for those who abhor inked Midrin. Do not treat them as outcasts from your Family or Dispossessed without Brother or Sister. In their determination and purpose, they have much in common with our Order, our great Family in the eyes of the Father Provider.

Friend Initiate, have you stood before the Branched Spear in Naskal? Ah, a tale for you then, you who have yet to hear all the Enierd have to tell. The Spear is shaped in a way sacred to the heretic True Believers, and it was from True Believers that the Spear was taken by warriors of Clan Causi. The Great Darkness was on the World, and the faltering of the One God had brought courage to those rightfully persecuted; Sects of the Dead God joined arm in arm with True Believers to convert the Enierd.

Such was the madness of those cycles. Friend, they were as unsuccessful as priests of the One God before or since the Darkness. The Enierd have no use for worship, for all they respect the Divine and the duties of the Provider. To the Causi who practiced the craft of the warrior, the Spear was a great prize to be won in battle, a divine creation twice as tall as a man yet no thicker than a hand.

It will soon be time for the Meet between Causi and Reti in Naskal, friend Initiate. Enierd of Clan Causi will bring the Branched Spear forth from the Hall of Past Heroes to reenact the Darkness Raids and the punishment of presumptuous True Believers. You would do well to see such as you tend to the hunger and thirst of the gathered Enierd.

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On the Sects of the World Crafter
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Map Maker Feru Speaks of the Heresies

Speak of the Second Heresy with care, friend Initiate, or best not at all. Priests and pilgrims of the Realm will argue, cry out, raise club and ax to shed blood over the Third Heresy, that of the Circle of Worship - but such is common anger, beneath us just as the Underworld is beneath these faithful. We walk the Servants' Path as they walk the rock of the World, sustained and protected from that hidden below.

The Second Heresy is a secret known by all, its reminders left on the open rock, in Seusen, in the caverns of the lesser Sects. The Third Heresy angers, but the Second wounds deeply and in subtle ways. Your faith, robe and Gift of the Provider will not shield you from the priest who believes Heresy of that aspect. Nor will it shield the Sect of that priest from the anger of the Provider, the Seers and all Tumnil after you have Passed.

The Servants' Path is not straight, not mapped, for all we serve the Divine Will of the Provider. You have much yet to learn. Look upon the broken statues of the World Crafter if you must, friend Initiate, but I will speak the Gift Ritual for you while I set ink to the leather of my map this wake.

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