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Hesu Nis Whispers of Unidri's Tower

It still stands atop a cold, frosted, jagged hill at the very edge of the World. The Tower is truly old now, yet shunned by those who know the old legends of Unidri, the Slayer of Families, and wisely so. Even the chill, howling air shuns the Tower, else it would have long gone to dust - dust even in the time of the God-King.

She was more than a mere woman. She conversed with trapped, terrible spirits of the Underwold and lived for many generations beyond her time. All who crossed the path of Unidri met with ill-fortune and untimely death. The Slayer of Families would come then, come and take the bones of her latest victim to the cold rock at the edge of the World.

She crafted her bone Tower for the spirits below the rock of the World, the spirits of her victims trapped and tortured there still. None go there, and none should.

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The Blessing of Amral Meten Wei

As it is and should be, at birth your Son is of the Unranked. His Pathway will be clear, as if of strong Uk wood, and he will learn well. At the end of childhood he will become a prized Second Lutnen. He will be wise in courtship - the rank of First Lutnen will accompany a respectable and appropriate partnership that reflects well on our Family. With age, he will show skill and wisdom; he will know the importance of respect and rise in our Family to become Capnen, Camnel and finally Amral. He will embody the traditions of our Tribe and bring honor to the Family and Brotherhoods he gifts with his time and devotion. This, Sister, is my blessing on your new Son of the Family; may he wear it well in the cycles ahead.

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Father Hesu Dan Speaks of the Plain of Judgement

Stand straight! You are a Second Lutnen of ten cycles, not a child of the Unranked. I begin to see why no Brotherhood has yet accepted you - how much else has Camnel Hesu Uri hidden from me? No, I do not wish to know. All I wish is that it comes to a halt here and now, this wake, this very breath. This is your Family, and I will not have the name of Hesu left to dry on open rock!

I am not cruel, nor are the Amrals of our Family. This is not the Generation of Judgement! Before the rise of the God-King, those who failed their Families were taken before the Elder Fathers on the great, empty Plain of Judgement lightward of our community. There is reason why the Fathers do not build their dwellings upon the smooth Plain rock - cycles came and went in which that rock became slick with the blood of ancestors who were not true to our ways. But our Tribe has become merciful and thus stronger with the passing of generations - your blood is yours until the time of your Passing, as for all Wohken.

I tell you this: my eyes are upon you. You will show yourself worthy of the name Hesu, or I will find urgent duties that must be performed far from this community and our Family!

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From Meten Pesu's Scrolls of Divine Will

The ancient Gap communities of our Tribe - built under the eyes of the First Family, shadowed from the far Lightward Sky, sheltered from raid and war - form the true center of the World. The World Crafter passed across this rock, pushing aside great mountains to craft a Pathway of walls that rise for kloms. The oldest shrines to the One God stand on smooth rock out of sight of the Lightward Sky; libraries of the Brotherhood of Knowledge built in generations of legend rival the vaults of the Recorders of the One God. Of greater import, the God-King is yet worshipped in high and isolated mountain communities above the Gap.

Let it be told that Families gathered in the Gap to speak their doubts of the God-King before His rule became complete. This in a generation of great unrest, for the Fathers of our Tribe have ever held great responsibility in their hands. In the very center of the Gap, shadowed by Gap walls and mountains above, the God-King heard their doubts. He spoke mightily in return and caused His face to form from the very rock of the World, a demonstration of His Divine Will and right to rule. High on the Gap wall, a klom above the Brotherhood halls of Sural's Line, a klom from chin to brow, the great face of the God-King blocks the Divine Light of stars.

Priests of the One God should tread respectfully in the Gap, for the Ascended God-King watches over the descendants of loyal Families from the Sky. His shrines remain in honor of His rule, and in hope that He will return once more to the World.

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Whispering of the Cult of Divinity

Quiet. We speak here, two tired Camnels at the end of their wakes. Sit, watch the Followers of the Scribes' Path practice in the roped square, watch the Brothers and Sisters return from the Shrine of the One God.

Once, long ago, all men and women were Gods. All could craft the World and make Divine Will manifest - how else to explain the mysteries of the open rock and crafted divine materials, the nature of the World? But it came to pass that men and women forgot their divinity and succumbed to the Gray Death. We who now dwell in the World must live as slaves to other Gods, thieves of Divinity. Our forgetful spirits lead life after life, returning again and again to the World with no knowledge of the true generations of legend.

Secrets stand atop secrets, for we are hunted by jealous priests - spoken against by every Family, slain as heretics if discovered. So we whisper of our knowledge, and in time we leave our communities for the far places where the Hidden dwell. The Will of the God Who Recalls is spoken by the Tatrun, spoken to the Hidden who are known to all and none.

This secret I know, and share with you, for we are the scrolls in which Divinity is inked: it was once written, on leather long gone to dust, of duties and tasks that only Gods may perform. The God Who Recalls wishes us to perform these tasks once more.

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Angering the Father of the Chutan Crafters' Brotherhood

I do not like your art, and I question the wisdom of your rank as Lutnen. Yes, bow your head, young Lutnen. Which Amral confirmed you? Meten Saan? You will rework this leather immediately, do you hear my words? The figures will stand straight, the faces will be composed, the whole will reflect upon the dignity of the Brotherhood. Our art is the art of our honored ancestors, crafted in the most ancient, most correct ways - as any Son or Daughter should know. Are we to be Itmos or outcast Dispossessed, to give no respect to tradition, to Family, to the true Path? I will not have such travesties of inkwork in this Hall. I will not!

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Suten Ane Talks Of Ancestral Bones

Almost, neh? The Amral's Rite of Passing was well, I'll grant him that. It was right that his flesh was given to the Crafters' Brotherhood, his bones to the Lutnens of the Family. Capnen Meten Geson spoke well in his claim on the Amral's skin; he will do the Amral's spirit and the Family honor in his craft. The skull should not be placed in the Family shrine, now, and you know my heart in this matter. But this I will do, and I engrave the Midrin Expressive out of respect for your Father - and for you, Camnel, you understand.

No, now, if these were still cycles in which the greatest of ancestral skulls were placed in the Ten Valleys, the Amral's skull would not be so honored. His was not the highest Pathway - and there is no shame in that, but greatness must be honored, or it has no value. I have seen the Valley of Ancestral Bone, walked the hard path across treacherous rock to pay my respects to our ancestors. The skulls of our Families are there still, ancient and engraved as will be the Amral's.

There were communities once, large as Sural, built by those who tended the ancestors. But this was many generations ago, and only the Brotherhood of Knowledge and crafters as myself recall the old ways. The dwellings have gone to dust and splinters, but the ancestors watch over us yet. The skulls of heroes and legends stand in the nooks of the Valleys, Camnel, heroes and legends.

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Of the Cult of the One God
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The Words of Capnen Fasu Ui of the Brotherhood of Knowledge

Listen closely, Brother Lutnen, Unranked Sister, for I may have a meritous suggestion. It would mean the taking up of staff and pack, a journey of cycles away from our library and your Families - I will not order, merely tell.

During the last two Generations of Accord, many of our Brotherhood became priests at the Great Temple of the One God. Scrolls and knowledge were exchanged even as the Darkness took hold of the World, and even as the Susyan Lords and Councils declared war upon our Tribe. That bond of blood and ink between our Brotherhood and the Sect of Recorders still exists, so it is to the Great Temple that you should turn. Seek there for the missing scrolls of the History of Meten Veun; speak first to my Brother Fasu Jerut, Master of the Tall Vault.

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Of the Susyan
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The Legends of Searching Tell of the First Susyan and First Itmos

The legends of the the First Family are told and retold, that we may know from whence we came, and keep close the wisdom of those who lived, Passed and lived once more.

We know that the tall, pale Fifteenth Son of the Seventh Son of the First Family, disbelieving all that was True and Ordered, left his Father for the cold hoarfrost. His invention, pride and disobedience combined, gave rise to sorrow for Families and tall, pale descendants on the far rock plains.

After this time there was much of travel and much of talking, for many new things had come into being in the World. Sons and Daughters of First Sons searched for the Fifteenth Son, for in their hearts they knew that Family should not be sundered, nor could they believe that the Fifteenth Son shunned his Father so. In their travels, they learned much and their Families grew. It was as Itmos that they returned once scorned by the fractured, quarrelsome Family of the pale Fifteenth Son, those who now called themselves Susyan.

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