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Once, WeI knew not of city. No laughter. No poetry. No wings taken flight. Dead souls, fear, limits. WeI celebrate commonality with ourmy first slow soul. Taken, lost, made great. WeI treasure this as memory and experience as thought when WeI forget componings of ourmy commonality.

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City Souls are not pure Thought and Memory. Each is a Static Volume Transfer Shell in the Volume of the City, Enclosed in Body as if to Defend From Rended Thought. Yet so Engaged! The City as Soul, each Silent and Constrained City Soul the smallest Fragment of Thought, each Structure an Immutable Memory Path.

Immutable Surfaces and Isolation Shells restrict City Souls. Such slow Telling, such slow Transfer. To Tell All of each Soul would Require All Time! City Souls show Pride, Remorse, other Simple States when Confronted with the Identity of Isolation Shell and Static Volume Transfer Shell. Each is Alone in Infinite Subjective Volume, yet will Deny the Very Same. But Paradox! City Souls are not Alone within Isolation. A Debate of Sides results and Philosophy Abounds. I Elucidate.

Law in the City is Strong and Not Easily Broken. City Souls must Tell by means of Art and Device. All too Few! Yet an Isolation Shell is Broken by Vibrations of Air, Brought About by the Static Volume Transfer Shell. A Clumsy Code of Law to be Broken Interpretively. Yet place a Device of Resonance beside a Device of Telling! City Souls Sigh with Shells, and Tell that the Sigh is Memory Transformed Into Thought. Experience the Sigh Told. Memory is Recalled Again and Again. One Sigh from the City given for Introspection.



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