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Common Folk, Merchants and Sages

The Ammander folk have done well for themselves. The descendants of those poor commoners and errant sages who left the Ammand far behind, sailing away in Magi tradeships, have found prosperity in the Enclave. Fair Ammanders and the dusky children of romance with Vanished Isles seafarers fill the villages and towns of this land.

Ammander merchants greet city guards as brothers at the end of a long journey. White-haired Ammander sages ply their trade, always with a hint of hidden wizardry, in libraries and the Black Tower of Three Stones. Fisher folk with Ammander eyes and darker complexions shout and tussel in the dockside market of Port. Ammander traders climb the great Enclave mountains in high summer to barter with the stonefolk.

In more distant villages, fair-haired men and women gird themselves to fend off Neth when the leaves begin to fall, taking up spears forged whole in the traditional Ammand way.

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Notions of Worth

The Ammander people brought their notions of worth and law to the Enclave; magisters, Lords, nobles and councils (upstart or otherwise) rule the towns and villages. In the Ammand of old, the people were led by far grander kings and high sages skilled in wizardry. Those times are long gone, but life is much the same for common folk - allegience is owed, taxes are grudgingly paid, laws are made and obeyed.

Most Datarii find this all somewhere between amusing, contemptible and unworthy of notice. Like the Ammanene, they stand apart from the society of common and less common folk - although their reasons could not be more different. The descendants of the Magi, deprived of a heritage of their own through strange and powerful wizardry, long ago adopted Ammander ways.

So it was that the Enclave came to look much as it is today, a land bordered by the Farthest and home to strange folk, yet not so unlike the Middle Reach of the Ammand.

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Strong Spear, Iron Blade, Sea Ax and Sharp Knife

Old man of the fields, set down the strong spear; seasons of pride and blood have passed to younger kin.

Young man of the village, seek not the iron blade; naught but noble coin buys the dreams of smiths.

Old woman of the docks, sharpen the sea ax; your sons and daughters stand waiting to sail.

Young woman of the city, hide the sharp knife; only thieves and outcasts take pride in short iron.

Lord and Lady of the manse, honor your solomn oaths; strong spear, iron blade, sea ax and sharp knife await.

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Horses and Ammander Tradition

Horses are rare in the Enclave, owned only by nobles and spearmen. The long-lived and elegant breed brought from Ammand lands in Magi tradeships so long ago is raised, bred and trained only at the King's Keep. Ammander warrior tradition disdains mounted fighting as the province of thieves and bandits, just as it disdains the bow as a tool of hunters. Horses from the King's Keep enable companies of spearmen to patrol the Known Roads and hunt Neth in the snows of deep winter, just as they bring greater comfort and mobility to nobles and trusted retainers.

Ammander farmers and merchants never made any great use of the horse even long ago, before the Expansion of the Greater Power and the Vanishing. The grey, stubborn Ammand mule - easy to keep, easy to breed, strong as a man and just as opinionated - serves these folk well enough. When commoners travel, they walk.

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