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The Lure of Sea and Wizardry

The descendants of seafaring Magi, dark of skin and hair, are a common sight in Port and the shore villages of the Enclave. Seafaring traditions are strong in these communities - skills, songs and lesser wizardries have been handed down across the generations by the Lost.

These Lost folk, the Vanished Islanders, are not so different from the Ammanders. Port of the present day is as much a product of the hard work of the Magi and their children as of Ammander values. Islander seafarers work alongside fairhaired fisherfolk, and a gemcutter, priest of the Powers or councillor is as likely as not to possess a dark complexion.

Those of Magi blood have a gift for the old, overt wizardries, but much has been lost to the passage of time. The Datarii know more of these matters than those who live under open skies, but the important secrets of the Unending Sea - the old ways of navigation, the great and legendary wizardries - lie buried with the true Magi. The largest vessels are left to rot as hulks, and Islander traders must satisfy themselves by chasing winds along the coastal routes.

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