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[COMMUNICATION 7b5810ad1f172, Structure 642fa004 to Structure 0037b719:

There is something quite delicious in roping you in to my little distractions. In particular, this business of delivering messages between City Souls - it turns out there is quite the demand, even amongst my admittedly limited coterie. (We cannot all be great Structures, spanning the sky in our magnificance). Who would have thought it? I am becoming something quite like a confidant - a hundred times over. Such insight into the workings of the City Soul mind! How could I not share? Without further ado, I present this latest component of my ongoing investigations, a piece I choose to call "Message 1374 from City Soul 3f558a1d2 to City Soul 732c0a945."

You do possess the Identifying Arts do you not? (I jest!)

REF Structure 642fa004:554364ff0-5543652a5

I miss you terribly. From my windows, I see over the lesser cubes to our Wall; it is hazy and far. The familiar curves and apexes above are even less distinct - it makes me sad at these moments. I sit watching as each day fades, looking for your light amid the thousands that glow and flicker in the distant darkness. I wonder how high our Wall really is. Could you be far above me, looking down? It feels that way - you know how I adore you - and seems somehow appropriate.

REF Structure 642fa004:5543a1822-5543a1825

Yet another lovesick City Soul come to my Curved Tower from your great demense - it has been an exodus of late. Are you feeding them poorly?

I experienced love once out of a misplaced sense of completeness in research; who hasn't been curious about the existential nature of City Souls? I can report that it is a singularly unpleasant state, and only hope that the true magnitude of my noble - albeit brief - sacrifice in this matter will eventually be appreciated. You should try it! (I am not serious. I cannot conceptualize of you considering it with so much as a single supporting strut of your great self).

As a side note, while I recognize that you appreciate neither my wit nor my comments, please remember to remove them from the missive this time.


The Curved Tower, this district, is full of wonders and ideas - each new room is like stepping into a new region. It is everything I could have imagined and more! I hope that you are happy for me, but I wish more than anything else that you would choose to be here with me to see it for yourself.

I have been using a truly astonishing device that makes the distant appear nearby,

REF Structure 642fa004:55f7002a1-55f7002a2

Carefully constructed from the first principles of Natural Law, using derived refractive properties and a great deal of ingenuity. Does he even mention the kind Structure who gave him the FarNearer - an elegant term, of my own coining needless to say - and the room facing your great demense? Selfish, selfish, selfish.


watching the air vessels everyone has been talking of - they drift gracefully back and forth between the Grey Heights. I think of you seeing them better than I, even though I can pick out banners and windows when they are mere specks in the haze. Their movements remind of your friends dancing, but then everything comes to remind me of you. I miss you - the absence of your voice is a hole in my life.

The air vessels are just a part of the immense knowledge of the Shades. I am privileged to be accepted here, but the distance weighs on me. I can scarcely wait to return - and yet I have only just arrived. Why must this tear at me so? Why do we put ourselves through this?

REF Structure 642fa004:55f7002a1-55f7002a2

Immense knowledge? Those designs were pulled from larchives at random by a Shade Soul barely capacious enough to remember them all at once, finding their way to City Souls by fickle chance. Where is the virtue in that? Do any of those industrious City Souls know why air vessels fly? Could they design a new one without their precious plans? Of course not. Do they get all the attention? Absolutely. Where is the recognition for the fine arts of discovery and invention from Natural Law? It is enough to drive a Structure to document and experience the inner nature of City Soul despair - I am almost sufficiently motivated in this matter.


I most often turn the distant viewer

REF Structure 642fa004:55f7087d3-55f7087d4

I despair of ever effectively teaching the merits of standardization to a given set of names. City Souls are in love with coining names, a task for which they simply lack the faculties. Bluntly, the results are abominable. "Distant viewer?" How can that in any way be compared to "FarNearer?" It is prosaic! It provides no reference to the history of enquiry into magnification through refraction! I could go on, but I am sure you see my point. Still, this City Soul is a new arrival and I must be eternally optimistic of my capacity to change ways and inculcate new behaviors.


to the Wall, and my thoughts to you. I am certain I can see the high arch in which we used to meet during the wind dances and the sun platform where the Speakers for the Dead once were. I am so far from you! My thoughts are with you, however, beside you every waking moment.

But I must tell you something of the Curved Tower. The Shades gather close here, and I have never seen so many Larchivists and Speakers for the Dead together in one place! Emanations from the Shades converse with men and women through the Curved Tower each and every day,

REF Structure 642fa004:54a29791

I can't imagine why. Perhaps my scintillating presence and great wit? For all of the ingratitude and whining exhibited in this rather prosaic message, I must admit to a certain sense of accomplishment: discerning City Souls with an appreciation for Natural Law come to me. Let the others chase their air vessels; it certainly won't last. It was self-propelled biwheels only too recently, was it not, and an unhealthy, overly long fascination with combustion prior to that. Or was it democratic representation that had the City Souls so rapt? I confess to giving the matter little attention; from my limited exposure to all the noise, I see no practical differences between larchive designs utilizing combustion and democracy.


bringing new knowledge and Art. The Arts! I am excited, anxious all at once - I am soon to learn Natural Law and then the Larchivist Arts. I cannot wait to tell you all of this and more in person; my passion for learning cannot begin to match my passion for you. We will speak again all too soon.

I remain eternally yours, in hope that you are thinking of me.

REF Structure 642fa004:54a29791

They do go on, don't they? I cannot understand what they see in this terrible affliction.




[COMMUNICATION 7b581155bc047 Structure 0037b719 to Structure 642fa004:

Desist. Extrapolated responses.


[COMMUNICATION 7b581155c730a, Structure 642fa004 to Structure 0037b719:

You have no sense of humor, no sense of identification. Some of us struggle, but it seems to be an absolute absence in your case. At least I can say that I have tried - valiantly and extensively - to bring you around. "Extrapolated responses" indeed!


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[MEMORY: City Soul 230f23a:114bac0-114bae7

Adjudicator, I am giving formal notice regarding a complaint against the kings. They are causing a great deal of upset amongst the Latter Day Godfearers, socialist workers and language learners. Even the Neutralist Swedes are up in arms, which should indicate the serious nature of this complaint.

I am as eager to maintain the unique nature of our district as any, but I must point out that the kings are taking advantage of the credulous in the Branch Maze. They act on information that I can show to be simply incorrect and are, I suspect, being very selective in the supporting evidence they have supplied to yourself and other adjudicators.

My sources close to the Great Larchive of the Fourth Shade have demonstrated to me that secular devotional theft did not ever exist in the form the kings seem to understand. It is becoming hard to credit this in particular - as well as many other major discrepencies of research - to accident or poor larchivism. Where would we be if everyone were permitted to pick, choose and invent interpretations of the Old World to their best advantage? If the adjucators do not promptly address this issue, I will be forced to talk to the Branch Maze directly. I think we all know where that will lead.

In short, if the kings cannot enter our community on our terms, they must be subject to adjudication. As always, I am prepared to accept counterarguments based on your larchive sources.


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[COMMUNICATION 7b57c3c92aa75, City Soul 9046fa188 to Structure 642fa004:

WeI aream new extruction in commonality. WeI seek enfoldment within the Curved Tower on recommendation. WeI tell in urgency and extremis of new componing and aream willing to accept told demands.


[COMMUNICATION 7b57c3c9616b1, Structure 642fa004 to City Soul 9046fa188:

Let me open by noting that I am at least partially mollified by the fact that my reputation has - obviously - spread into regions hitherto woefully ignorant. That said, I am less than pleased to have this matter splattered across my affairs and good self like pigmentation material - you can't imagine how much every outbreak of City Soul color mania drives me to distraction. The presumption! (Yours as well).

I have made a few inquiries; I cannot of course grant every lost wanderer a new home and refuge from the prosaic nature of existence outside my walls. The very idea! In looking as dispassionately as possible as your situation, I must say that have no idea what brought you - irrational as you no doubt are on a diet of misguided Dead Souls and rarified nonsense from the larchives and higher Shades - to merge with a City Soul in that particular District. Not to pry, but where is your higher center of self within the Shades? What is your capacity? Far enough, fast enough and small enough to be ignorant of past events relating to the Manse of Windows and its use of City Souls, perhaps? The City Souls of District 23f47 take a dim view of Shade Souls and Larchivists - justifiably so, I must say, even if I am somewhat biased in matters of this nature. Your newest acquisition is lucky that the more extreme and unfriendly resources in the District were used up in destroying the Manse.

(As an aside, it is hard to credit your assumed ignorance of the event. Perhaps I am being parochial, but it isn't often that one sees the Natural Laws of elemental combination exploited to such devastating effect. What's more, the Needle Spire continually refuses to share its derivations! Pure, selfish desire for the second-class fame of exclusivity, that's what it is).

So you must excuse my suspicions, but this all has a Black look to it - regardless of what the City Souls of District 23f47 willfully tend to believe. I certainly hope that City Soul 9046fa188 agreed to the current use you are putting it to as messenger and mouthpiece; I would need to hear that from the unadulterated Soul itself. If you have merged via Arts that make that impossible - well, I am afraid you are on your own, so to speak.


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[COMMUNICATION 7b5810ad1f172, Structure 642fa004 to City Soul bb5834041:

Enough is quite enough. I have indulged, indeed tolerated, your extravagant and unusual behavioral patterns for too long. I freely confess to have found your relationships with certain Second Shade Souls to be to the advantage of all who dwell within my fine self, but the time in which you brought more than you disrupted has long passed. I blame myself - I selflessly devote my time to bettering City Soul understanding of the Shade Arts and access to the higher Larchives, I grant you free use of my magnificent associations, and yet I am surprised when you foolishly accept Tellings of poisoned Memory and incorporate them into your Thought and center of being.

Your corruption appears to be quite advanced, and I am far from inclined to step in and rescue you from the sorry consequences of your own actions at this late stage. Of all the recent theatrics and drama, I am most offended of all by the repeated defamation of my noble character through the crude and unsatisfactory agency of your attempts at novel formulation based on Natural Law. You may claim ingenuity in your representation of language by shaped form differentiation, not to mention the construction of this "paper" material and a device for laying out your slander in bulk form, but what of it? Ten thousand Larchive segments provide detailed instructions for a thousand variations on this scheme. Ingenuity? Far from it! Poisoned Memory or not, I expect better from those who benefit from the extension of my munificent hospitality.

No, I must demand that you leave my good self with all due haste and take your ten thousand "pamphlets" with you. I don't doubt for a single moment that you will view - and no doubt declaim - this as confirmation of your outrageous assertions regarding my motives, but I will find it within myself to continue forward regardless. Be forewarned that I will provide you with no more of my resources nor assistance from this very moment on. Indeed, were it within my purview, I would demand you leave the District in its entirety.

Goodbye and good riddance.


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