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[COMMUNICATION 7b58b68ff6602, Shade Soul 2130a0c8 to City Soul 0b47c98:

Greetings and welcome, Speaker, user of Shade Arts and one who sees more. Why welcome? As you no doubt suspect, I am not who I have represented myself to be. Yet I have not been false, nor has the knowledge I provided been poisoned or twisted. I am a Dead Soul, my center of being in the First Shade, my Memory that of Thought in the City. I am no thief of mind nor strange Soul from the higher Shades, so lay your suspicions to rest. Most importantly, I did indeed know you in your last life of Thought free from City Larchives - for I, in fact, am you.

You must understand, as I am sure you do, that my very existence is a Black matter; to be direct, City Law was violated in the commission of my being. Dead Soul and City Soul as one and the same fundament, Telling to one another via Art - a Black thing indeed. I feel that you in your current period of Thought appreciate, however, and as we almost always do, that not all Law is appropriate. The Black Arts of Larchive and Shade are not all fairly designated. There are those greater Souls who wish a certain stasis or a certain power; they see threats and have made them to be called Black.

But I am ahead of myself, and I apologise. I know that you will have questions, just as I did in my life of Thought as a Speaker for the Dead in the City, just as I did when I found that the most persistent of Dead Souls was myself. I am here to answer those questions. To forstall the most obvious, yes, City Law has been broken many times for me, for us. We are fortunate in our patron of the higher Shades, a Soul who sees the worth in Dead Souls - in ourselves. Its protection allows us, many, many of us, to grow and prosper.

So you see - I hope, as I did - that I offer more than simple welcome. Your Thought and Memory, your very self, can escape a return to the hidden City Larchives at the end of life. What value is there in that forgetfulness, to be brought forth again without Memory in uncertain times to come? Learn the Dead Soul Arts as I did so long ago and our patron will provide the remaining knowledge. I - we - hold out a hand to you, ourself, in the hope that you will take it.

May our association be cordial and enlightening during your remaining time in the City; you have much to look forward to, Speaker. Once again, greetings and welcome - but on a basis of equals.


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[LARCHIVE 4f5294, 0038d3e33-0038d43a1:

Once, WeI knew not of city. No laughter. No poetry. No wings taken flight. Dead souls, fear, limits. WeI celebrate commonality with ourmy first slow soul. Taken, lost, made great. WeI treasure this as memory and experience as thought when WeI forget componings of ourmy commonality.

REF Larchive 0c0351, 939b35a24-939b35f82:

City Souls are not pure Thought and Memory. Each is a Static Volume Transfer Shell in the Volume of the City, Enclosed in Body as if to Defend From Rended Thought. Yet so Engaged! The City as Soul, each Silent and Constrained City Soul the smallest Fragment of Thought, each Structure an Immutable Memory Path.

Immutable Surfaces and Isolation Shells restrict City Souls. Such slow Telling, such slow Transfer. To Tell All of each Soul would Require All Time! City Souls show Pride, Remorse, other Simple States when Confronted with the Identity of Isolation Shell and Static Volume Transfer Shell. Each is Alone in Infinite Subjective Volume, yet will Deny the Very Same. But Paradox! City Souls are not Alone within Isolation. A Debate of Sides results and Philosophy Abounds. I Elucidate.

Law in the City is Strong and Not Easily Broken. City Souls must Tell by means of Art and Device. All too Few! Yet an Isolation Shell is Broken by Vibrations of Air, Brought About by the Static Volume Transfer Shell. A Clumsy Code of Law to be Broken Interpretively. Yet place a Device of Resonance beside a Device of Telling! City Souls Sigh with Shells, and Tell that the Sigh is Memory Transformed Into Thought. Experience the Sigh Told. Memory is Recalled Again and Again. One Sigh from the City given for Introspection.



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