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Hidden, Cliffside Temple

The traders and fisherfolk who sail between Port and Cael often tell of lanterns that burn by night atop the highest forested cliff of the Watch of Trees. An Ammanene temple of the old style is clearly visible by day from the Unending Sea, carved from the clifftop itself over generations, seemly deserted and overgrown with moss.

No-one knows how many of the ageless Ammanene came to the Enclave in Magi tradeships; very few are to be found in mortal cities, towns and villages. The weight of years presses heavily on the Ammanene and strains relations with their Ammander kin. Long ago, the Ammanene of the Enclave withdrew to the Watch of Trees; dense, trackless forest atop the high cliffs of the Coast Road. There they seek Laelene, the Eldest Tree, in the Farthest Woods - or so it is said.

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Temple by the Coast Road

Some days of travel from Port, the Coast Road veers from the clifftops to pass around the Watch of Trees. Where the Road passes close to the dense forest, a temple stands amid the outlying trees. It is built in the old style, moss-covered and simple of line, as if the great Ammane still watched over the Ammand lands and spearmen still marched at the command of kings.

The old times are not yet passed in the minds of the common folk, for there are those who make the journey from Port or Three Stones or Ammander villages to pay their respects at the Coast Road Temple. They bring cloth-wrapped food and a few coins as gifts for Ammander priests and stay in hope of seeing one of the Ammanene. Hard-faced spearmen from the King's Keep - followers of the King's Way - stop at the Coast Road Temple as the leaves fall and Neth come forth to raid, there to pay their respects to the Ammand that was ... or the Ammand that should have been.

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The Ammanene Tansaree

I have left you speechless, and I apologise. So young you are and without the chance to brace yourself; but I know why you are here. You have the looks of your mother - no, grandmother it must be. She was a fierce one, clutching her red iron spear and scowling the second and last time that we met.

The first snow and Neth had brought the Emerald Company to our temple; they came here then as the Ammander folk do now. Those who carry spears have the yearning for the old Ammand and the King they carry in their hearts, just as do those who work the land ... ah, now, no tears. They do not bring back the past, no, but not for lack of trying. Not for lack of trying.

Your grandmother was one of those Lost to the Farthest Battle that winter, yes, and you yourself in armor and the company of those weaponed stalwarts beyond the temple pillars. I understand now.

I recall your grandmother, but I did not know her. For that I apologise again; I have little to offer you. But wait - take this bloom to Port and there find Unsharee, who calls herself The Cursed these past years. It was Unsharee and Arith I spoke with while your grandmother scowled ... but take this bloom. It came from a far place, and that will win you through to speak with one who knew your grandmother.

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