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Across the Land

I came from the Deepened Places of the people when I was young, from forests of sight to Misery's slumped back beyond cloud and mist. The Stars fell to the Land before I was Deepened from tree branch and the bones of the great deer, and the Hungry Dead grew and grew by Great Rage's tall rocks until there was no food for the people. Old and young went on a great journey to the place of Kindness, but there too was no food, and the people that were my people would not take from the people of Kindness. So the people came from the Deepened Places towards the Radiance.

It is strange that I am this, yeoman and trusted to keep Hungry Dead and dishonest hand from the caravans of Dimmos. The people were not hunters of men, for Misery flowed through the Deep and there was no Deepening of bow and club with Great Rage or Ill Will. In the Radiant places of caravans and the Land between Deep and Radiance, all made by the people has not life, is not of the blood of the people. I might cast away blade and bow and not be the lesser for it, for I have not Deepened that which I use. The people of Radiance are of a strangeness in that way, but I have become like them.

The caravans of Dimmos journey close to the Radiant Tree, the Enlightened Library, the Towers of Stars and the Dead - and places less known. Six times I have walked this far beside friend and companion, and seen many changed by Radiance or taken by Stars after falling to the Hungry Dead in thick forest. Yet I have not met again the people who were my people, who have melted into the Radiant Places as frost in the sun.

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Ways of Those Who Were the People

There is a place where those who were the people dig shining rock from a mountain and work long, lean and hard at the shaping of it. There is no Deepening in their huts and halls - and how could there be? This, the Radiance brought to them, carried from the Radiant Places by an Enlightened Tome, then flown on to the Library.

While great deer still dance in the forests there and around, those who were the people do naught but shape and shape. They give shining cubes to the people who do not forget the Deepening of bow and club, and cry out for the meat of the great deer in return. The people drop the shining cubes and we who follow Dimmos collect them when the snows fall.

It is Radiance brings such as I to the place of shining cubes in cold and frost, for Radiance spoke to Dimmos long ago. He carries back and forth across the Land, followed by a hundred casks of wonders, for such is the Radiant way of those who were the people. All must move, be carried and change - but I am but a yeoman and do not know why this must be.

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Thrice to the Low Vale

The way of a yeoman came to me beyond the Face of the Mountain, where Radiance must shine but lightly to give ways to the people come from the Deepened Places. After wide forest, great deer and the Hungry Dead, I came to those who once were the people and those never Deepened laying rocks upon the Land as roads. The Deepness flowed thin with Ever Wanting; when snows came, I met with Dimmos and his caravan. This, then, was the first I journeyed to the Low Vale, for such was his destination.

Then in the Low Vale, there were huts and halls built of logs of fresh soil baked to hardness in great fires. The fire keepers who were once the people flew their logs here and there atop blue leaves from the Radiant Tree beyond the Changing Gate. So it was when the Tower of the Mountain Star rose three handsbreadths when seen from the Forest of the Long River, where the Deepness flows with Kindness and the Hungry Dead are few.

Next I came to the Low Vale as yeoman to the caravan of Dimmos, two lesser Stars from the Changing Gate shone in a thousand forms and told those who were the people to build a great crevass in the Land. Their huts flew to be high in trees in that time of summer, but the halls were made of sheets of solid water, shining in the sun. The water workers kept their secrets in pride, but those who were the people turned from them to dig deep into the Land.

Last I came to the Low Vale as yeoman to Dimmos, it was with twenty dancers never Deepened, made of leather and diamond from the Fallen Tower, quick and sharp of tongue. In that time, when the Tower of the Mountain Star rose five handsbreadths when seen from the Forest of the Long River, six roads in the Low Vale were made of bark. The bark gatherers chanted trees of the Land to shed their bark, flowing as streams into a river to make their roads. The greatest arched over huts and halls as though leaping.

More of Radiance I have seen in a short time in the Low Vale than in all the journeys of Dimmos, yet this is but a dim fire beside the Changing Gate and the Radiant Places beyond.

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