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First, Was the Deep

Give to the fire, young ones, Radiant children ... it will not warm you without gifts, for all that Deepness flows lightly here and about. Fire is not from Kindness, but from Ever Wanting - it will give you no heed in haste for what it wants. But here and about, the trees bend not to listen, craftings have no life to them, and you make children in the new ways, the Radiant ways.

Listen; I will tell what I was told, before Ill Will came to the highs and vales to drive the people from their Deepened Places, before Stars fell and the dead lost their way.

Before the Giants made the people, before the Deep eddied and turned the Giants into being, there was nothing but the Land. Deepness flowed beneath and through, as the waters, beside the waters, and far from the waters. It was the blood of the people without people, the heart of the people without people.

The Giant Kindness came from the deepest Deep flowing about the highest mountain, and so it was. Before the Giants made the people, Kindness brought forth all the others from Deepness, even Great Rage, even Ill Will, even Misery, for such is Kindness.

The Giants are of the Deep now and were of the Deep then; where they stood, the Deep flowed of them. It was of the people before the people, in vales where Deepness touched of Kindness mingled with Ill Will, Great Rage with Joy. All places are touched by the Giants, by Deepness that flows from them and with them - even places as this where Radiance changes the people.

You are far from where Kindness sits to cradle a place of the people, but Kindness and Ever Wanting touched this place before they Deepened people into the Land. This, I see in the fire, in the welcome given to the old.

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Children of Children

I know not what this is you have brought me, food from Radiant places beyond the forest you say? It looks as no food I know; Radiance brings too much, too fast to those who were once the people.

When the people who were my people lived in the Deepened Places, where all things were of the blood and heart of the people, it was that children were made of the flowing Deepness - just as the Giants Kindness, Joy and Ever Wanting made the first people.

Deepening a child is not as Deepening the hunting club with the touch of Great Rage or as guiding the blood and heart of the people within and around the trees that sheltered. It is a great and difficult matter, and it was for all of the people to help those who called upon the Deepness for children.

Yet there were those young who were impatient, who brought great woe upon the people. A child of these children was Deepened in a hollow place where Deepness welled, made by the fingertip of Ill Will. A thing of malice and grey, it became, driven from the fires and vales of the people, for there could be no place for it.

This was as it was, just as the Giant Ill Will drove the people who were my people from the highs and vales, long before the Stars fell and the dead were slaved to building towers to the sky.

Twisted and horrible, Children of Children slope and rage in the Deepened Places, knawing on the bones of the people, for the people who were not my people taught their children unwisely.

The Children of Children who are most like the people have learned the Deepness, and take the oldest Deepened Places for their own. The Radiance takes the people from the Land just as the Children of Children take the Land from the people - in a time, the people will no longer be the people, this much I have seen.

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Before the Stars Fell

The sun shines warm, and that, at least, is as it always has been. Sun and sky will always be above, as the Land will always be beneath, as the Deep flows from Radiance and yet about the Giants in Deepened Places. You have brought owl eggs for an old man, and this is kind.

On a day as this, you with the strength of youth could climb the highest mountain here and about, for snows have come and gone until next winter. Atop the peak, you would see across the Tall Forest, across the River Brothers, across the high vales, and farther yet. Farthest of all, you would see the great arm of Ever Wanting, reaching to the sky, higher even than thin towers of diamond and spiderwebs built by the Dead.

All the Land flowed heavy with the Deep before the Stars fell, before the Radiance, before the Hungry Dead, before I was Deepened by the people who painted the high vale caves and hunted thin wolves beyond the Tall Forest. When the old became too old to hunt, too old to tell the tales of the people, too old to feel the Deepness flow through the blood, then greater Stars spoke from high in the sky. The old Deepened wings from cast off feathers and leaves, from branches and reeds, and lesser Stars showed ways to fly upwards, far and upwards.

So it was before the Stars fell to the Land and forgot their way. Now the old of the people become the Dead. Now winter sick great deer become the Dead. Now wounded Radiant children become the Dead.

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